Question: What is the purpose of this event?

This is a networking event for Advertisers and Publishers in the Rakuten Marketing Network where meetings take place related to driving sales for Advertisers and driving commissions for Publishers. It is also an opportunity to learn about the Rakuten Marketing Network and about the industry in general.

Question: What does my registration fee include?

The registration fee includes an attendee welcome goodie bag, access to Huddle Room Networking (previously Jump Start Networking) and the Welcome Reception (drinks and heavy hors d’oeuvres) on Monday, February 10 and full day access on Tuesday, February 11 including the keynote sessions, DealSpace, meals, and the After Party. Also extensive networking with partners and peers during the networking reception. Please note, there is no breakfast or lunch served on Monday, February 10th. However, there are multiple dining options on-site for you. The first meal served will be heavy hors d’oeuvres at the Welcome Reception.


Question: Why am I having trouble registering online?


Admission is limited to Rakuten Marketing clients, partners, and invited guests. To confirm your invitation status, we ask that you verify your name and e-mail. Sometimes, however, our records are not up-to-date and we may not have your current information on record. If you have received an invitation and are currently experiencing difficulty registering, please contact so we may update your information into our system.

Question: How can I invite my colleague or partner to Rakuten Marketing DealMaker Scottsdale?

If you think there is an executive in your company or a valued partner who would benefit from attending the event, please send their name and contact information to

Question: What is the registration cancellation policy?

Cancellations for Rakuten Marketing DealMaker Scottsdale must be submitted in writing prior to Friday, January 10, 2020. Refunds are not available after this date, nor are name substitutions. If a publisher cannot attend, we recommend they transfer their pass to a co-worker prior to the January 10 deadline. If a person registers using a complimentary pass, but does not check in onsite, transfer, or cancel the registration, the person will be charged a $395 no-show fee to help off-set costs incurred by Rakuten Marketing. No refunds will be applied. All cancellation or name change requests must be submitted via email to


Question: What is DealSpace?

DealSpace is a session on Tuesday, February 11th from 3pm - 6pm where attendees have the opportunity to network with Advertisers and Publishers who have purchased a DealSpace sponsorship. Sponsors display their collateral and giveaways at their table. It is a great way for sponsors to gain exposure at the event and for attendees to have meaningful conversations with potential partners. Contact to learn more about the available sponsorship opportunities and check out our Sponsorship section on the site.

Question: How do I obtain a press pass?

To inquire about a press pass, please contact us at

Question: What is the conference dress code?


The dress code for the event is Smart Casual. In other words, comfortable yet professional. Keep in mind the weather average in Scottsdale is 73 degrees in February during the day and cools off later in the evening. Make sure to pack your layers for the changing temperatures. If you're getting in early, or staying late, you may want to pack your swimsuit too.

Question: Is Rakuten Marketing DealMaker the same as Rakuten Marketing Symposium?

Yes! In 2018, we announced that the name of our flagship event, Rakuten Marketing Symposium, is now Rakuten Marketing DealMaker. So why the name change? Networking is at the heart of these events which creates thousands of new partnerships every year. The name Rakuten Marketing DealMaker reflects what this event is all about bringing together advertisers and publishers to make deals.

What else changed?

The structure of the event will stay the same. We will continue to offer ample networking opportunities between Huddle Room Networking (previously Jump Start Networking), Welcome Reception and After Party. Pathable will continue to power the organization of meetings at the event. The only change you will see is to the “DealMaker” session which will now be called “DealSpace” Other than these two name changes the event will continue to offer all the great benefits it has over the last 20 years!