Networking community faqs

Networking Community Details

All attendees who have opted-in to the networking community will be able to request, book, accept and decline meetings ahead of the event through our Networking Community. Outside of 1:1 messaging (mobile application only), most features of the Networking Community will be accessible via web and mobile application. 

Huddle Room

We will have a dedicated Huddle Room on-site for these pre-booked meetings. The Huddle Room will host 18 tables with 4 chairs per table and will be open from 12:15pm to 4:45pm. You will be able to book in a 15- or 30-minute length meetings.

Selecting Sessions

Please note that any sessions you have selected from the Agenda will block your meeting calendar. You can view and select which sessions you would like to attend by modifying your registration and selecting agenda. Add or remove sessions. When you are finished, hit continue to save the changes. 

How to View Attendee Directory and Book Meetings

Head over to the attendee directory  to start booking meetings. To schedule a meeting, you will want to first decide who you would like to meet with. You can sort and search by name, company or registrant type. Once you have found the person(s), click ‘request meeting.’ Only times when you are all available will appear. You will be able to book the meeting at one of our Huddle tables or you can specify a location of your choice. If no Huddle table is listed, this means they are fully booked at that timeYou will be able to select and meet at Meeting Point A which will be at the Rakuten Advertising Refresh Lounge. You will meet the other attendee there and go somewhere nearby to host your meeting.  

Accepting Meeting Requests

It is very important that you respond to any meeting requests as to not block out the Huddle tables. You will be notified when you receive a meeting request via email. An alert and a meeting invitation, highlighted in orange, should also appear in your schedule. If you click on the meeting invitation, you can accept or decline the meeting. Once accepted, the meeting will turn blue in your schedule.  

Accepting Meeting Requests with a Message

If you accept the meeting, you will be able to write a message in response to the invitation. Any message sent in response to a meeting invitation will only be delivered via email. We recommend sending a 1:1 message to the meeting organiser with any details that can help identify you on the day such as your mobile phone number, what you will be wearing, etc. 

Blocking Your Calendar

You can also block your calendar for any duration you wish by blocking in 15-minute increments. You can do this from the from the My Schedule page and selecting the ‘Mark Myself Unavailable’ button.

Uploading Your Photo

We recommend uploading a profile photo during registration so you are easily identified on-site. To do this modify your registration, select Registrant Information up top, scroll to the bottom of the page. Upload your desired profile photo. 

Sending 1:1 Messages and General Discussion Board (Mobile Application Only)

These features are only accessible via the event application. To send a 1:1 message, go to the Attendee Directory within the app and scroll to or type in the name of the contact you would like to message. The General Discussion board can be used to broadcast messages to the entire attendee base. This is a great place to introduce yourself and company to other attendees!

Opting-in into the Networking Community

During registration there is a checkbox to opt-in to the Networking Community. If you accidentally, selected yes or no, you can easily modify your selection. Login, then select Registrant Information, and update your response. 

Downloading the Networking Community Application


Attendees will need to download the Attendee Mobile app from either the App Store (Apple) or the Google Play (Android) store. Once you have downloaded the app, search for DealMaker Asia-Pacific or use the scan option and scan the QR code that is provided when the app is made available in Attendee Mobile.